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Coffee and Chocolate

We love Coffee & Chocolate!

From 20/03/2019 until 31/03/2020

Get your caffeine fix or indulge your sweet tooth at Streats Bakery’s beverage selection! The coffee and chocolate corner lets you indulge in delicious drinks, served hot or ice cold.

What’s on the menu?

Hot drinks:

  • Chocolate (THB 80)
  • Americano (THB 80)
  • Espresso (THB 80)
  • Café Latte (THB 90)
  • Cappuccino (THB 90)
  • Double Espresso (THB 120)

Cool refreshments:

  • Iced Chocolate (THB 110)
  • Iced Americano (THB 110)
  • Iced Café Latte (THB 120)

Enjoy your preferred coffee and chocolate drink to go in convenient takeaway cups, or sip in style right at Streats. The choice is yours! There’s more beyond drinks to enjoy at Streats Bakery. Browse the shelves of Bangkok’s best bakery and you might find a delightful treat that catches your eye.

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