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Best Street Food in Bangkok

Where to get the best street food in Bangkok?

A city charms with more than just its collection of cultural sights or architectural wonders. More and more travelers now choose to travel with their taste buds and experience the exciting flavors each travel destination has to offer. Whether you are a high-end tourist or a budget backpacker, there’s no denying that Bangkok’s boasts an amazing selection of street food. Get ready for a culinary journey to explore the best street food in Bangkok.

A unique characteristic of Bangkok’s culinary scene is its street food scene. The sheer quantity and diversity of the city’s street food vendors is amazing. Feeding all levels of Bangkok’s society, you can find anything under the moon on offer, often at a steal. From spicy Som Tum being pounded in mortars, to the flash of just-fried pad Thai, eating in the city is a true symphony for the senses.

Finding the best in a city full of food

Ask any Bangkokian about their favourite street food dish and you will hear a different answer every time. It’s a topic near and dear to many, with neighbourhood loyalty running strong. But some ground rules are soon evident. Always trust the office workers on their lunch break and if there’s a queue, it must be good. Case in point? The streets of Silom and Sukhumvit. Home to many corporate offices in soaring towers, lunch time signals a daily hunt for the best (cheap) eats. But the case must be made for Khaosan. More than just a haunt for backpackers, it’s home to some of the most authentic, best street food in Bangkok that locals in the know seek out. After all, an area known as Bangkok old town has more that enough street stalls that have been run by the same families for generations.

Your best Khaosan street food spot

A new player on the Khaosan food scene has appeared to great fanfare: Streats Cafe, Bar & Bakery! Right on Rambuttri Road, just parallel to the shenanigans in Khaosan Road itself. Streats brings the best of streat food and adds the comfort of enjoying it indoors… almost! The chic semi-outdoor area is opens to the action happening on the street and even has funky additions such as a street cart serving authentic pad thai. Other hot hits that are inspired by the best street food in Bangkok? Streat’s signature Thai cuisine-inspired burgers, which go oh so well with local Thai beers for a perfect street food experience. Experience now at the best ibis Bangkok hotel.

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