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Khao San Road Night Market

Bangkok is full of alluring sights for tourists from all corners of the world. Checking out the many fascinating cultural attractions is a must for many. Another popular choice is trying the world-famous Thai cuisine. But another activity beloved by Bangkok tourists is shopping! From glitzy malls to down-to-earth market stalls, the city’s a shopaholic’s delight. So if you’re one of them, be sure not to miss the novelty value of shopping where many party, namely at the Khao san road night market

Shop (and haggle) ‘til you drop!

While not exactly a haven for bespoke designer pieces, you can still shop for cheap and cheerful goods here. Word to the wise as there are many fake products, be mindful before any purchase about potential issues with customs when travelling further with counterfeit items on you. There are enough original items that are charming and worth buying anyways!

Don’t know where to start? Check out our unofficial list of key Khao san road night market items:

  • Elephant or fishermen’s pants: When in Khaosan, dress the part! The stretchy-waisted, lightweight fabric pants are popular for a reason. Pick your preferred pattern, with singlets, onesies and shorts also available. Fishermen’s pants or drop-crotch pants in natural-dye fabric are other classic choices.
  • Thai fabric-printed accessories: Intrigued by the fabric but not willing to commit to the whole look? Nab some cute knick-knacks instead! Coin purses, bags, pencil cases and more are easy choices for souvenirs, too.
  • Postcards & magnets: Yes, people still send postcards and collect magnets! Bolster up that collection or get some for loved ones back home. The usual Thai-inspired motifs are available. Sometimes you might find some creative or hand-drawn local postcards.
  • Wooden frogs: You’ve heard the noises at night as the sellers test them out, but now the question is if you want one of your own or not. They’re a musical reminder of your Thailand trip and come in in different sizes and colours.
  • Fairy lights: Add some flair to your humble abode with the wide variety of lights available for sale. These can range from fake light up flowers to woven balls.
  • T-shirts/Singlets & Muay Thai shorts: Another Khaosan fashion staple! Pick your favourite or simply the weirdest slogan t-shirt or singlet and pair it with a shiny pair of Muay Thai shorts. Never stepped into a Muay Thai ring? Don’t worry about it!

Other things to keep in mind as you shop are the basic rules for Asian market shopping. Keep an eye out on your personal belongings, especially in crowded areas, and bring enough cash and a willingness to haggle for some good prices.

A food-lover’s paradise

Have you worked up an appetite from shopping at the Khao san road night market? Luckily, food stalls and market stalls coexist in harmony, with many offerings available to satiate that appetite.

  • Fresh tropical fruit: Get your daily dose of vitamins sliced and ready to eat or blended into a refreshing smoothie. Most shops also sell pre-packaged dried fruit for a snack or to take home as an edible souvenir. Our tip? Try before you buy to make sure that the flavour is what you want. Do note that most hotels, ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai included, do not allow fresh durian to be brought into the guest rooms.
  • Thai desserts: Sticky rice & mango is the most popular star here! So eat your fill of this classic dessert and keep an eye out for more tasty treats like coconut ice cream served in an actual coconut.
  • Grilled meats: Whether chicken, beef or pork, enjoy freshly grilled meat on skewers. Nothing beats traditional “moo ping” pork skewers with some sticky rice! Many food trucks or stalls also offer western style BBQ kebabs.
  • Street food from all over: From som tam papaya salad to pad Thai fried noodles, you can get your Thai food fix here, too. If you spot a stall with more locals than tourists lining up, that should also be a sign it’s worth trying.
  • “Khao san only”: If you’ve ever wondered how insects or grilled crocodile tastes… now’s the time to find out first-hand! If courage does fail you, there’s always the possibility to snap a picture and pretend you ate it instead. Most stalls charge a small fee to take pictures or pose with the creepy crawlies if you don’t want to buy them to eat.

Other activities

Need more ideas? There are many fun activities to do at the Khao san road night market. These can range from getting street-side foot massages to hair braiding or even picking out some (temporary) tattoos. People-watching is another zero-cost and evergreen idea for visitors to the area. The later in the evening you’re there, the more unconventional things are waiting to be observed. From impromptu dance parties and other shenanigans, keep an open mind and you’ll have some interesting holiday anecdotes for sure.

Stay close to where the action is

Luckily, guests staying at ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai are near the action of the Khao san road night market. It’s only a brisk five minute walk over to the next street! But keep in mind that you’ll discover a whole different world of restfulness when you return. Enjoy comfort and design combined at this economy design hotel! With 215 rooms and three different room types, it’s easier than ever to find a room that works best for your needs. Get nourished by the delicious daily breakfast buffet at Streats Café, or grab a pastry at Streats Bakery. Streats Bar & Bistro is perfect for laid-back afternoon hang-outs, or relax by the striking rainbow pool. Book directly with the hotel or as an ALL (Accor Live Limitless) member to avail from best rate offers, too!


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