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Songkran in Khaosan Road

If you haven’t heard of Songkran, you’re missing out on one of Thailand’s most notable holidays! Also known as the Thai new year, it is always celebrated from April 13th – 15th, during the year’s hottest month. It now spans the spectrum from fascinating cultural events that include merit-making and parades, to epic wet ‘n wild Songkran in Khaosan Road parties.

A tradition transformed

Did you know? It wasn’t all Songkran in Khaosan Road water wars from the start!  Rooted in Buddhist tradition, the celebrations used only light sprinkles of water to symbolize purifying yourself and starting anew. It was and still is a time where relatives assemble, and merit is made at the many temples throughout the nation. Firstly, as a sign of respect, perfumed jasmine water is poured over Buddha statues and over the hands and feet of the elderly. Over the years, this turned into the popular wet and wild water fights. You’ve never quite cooled off this way before!


Songkran Survival Tips:

  • Dress smart: Leave that fancy outfit at home and head out in things you won’t mind getting wet. If they dry fast, that’s even better!
  • Waterproof your life: Keep your valuables tucked away, or safe at home! Our tip is to carry only your must-haves in a waterproof pouch.
  • Plan your route: Bangkok may be emptier than usual but don’t be fooled! During Songkran, venture out at risk of getting wet! Stay indoors, or travel by car if you don’t want to be a part of the water fights. Double-check your route, as some roads are closed and transform into water-battlegrounds.
Songkran at Khaosan

Songkran at Khaosan: A Thailand bucket list activity

When it comes to the best Songkran party in Bangkok, you need experience Songkran at Khaosan Road. The fun starts from April 13th, where Khaosan road and neighboring Rambuttri road become epic water fights. Come armed with your best water gun, and be sure to make use of the many water refill stations! If you need to rest, come recharge in Streats café, where you can get the best food during Songkran. Keep with the Thai spirit and enjoy a spicy minced pork and Thai holy basil on rice, or go hearty with one of the 7 signature burgers.

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