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Songkran in Khaosan Road


Some festivals are classic and deserve worldwide recognition. They add to the appeal of visiting a particular destination. Of course, tourists from all over want to visit Thailand year round. But come during Songkran for a trip that will definitely be one to remember! Songkran in Bangkok in particular just has to be experienced. Wondering why? Read more below to find out!

Songkran, explained

Haven’t heard of Songkran? You’re missing out on one of Thailand’s most notable holidays! It’s actually the Thai new year and is always celebrated from April 13th – 15th. This period is also known as the year’s hottest month. Songkran celebrations highlight fascinating cultural events to epic parties. The cultural events include merit-making, dance performances and more. But the parties kick up the mood. Every neighborhood basically joins in. Most large bars and clubs offer their own events. There are also many large-scale parties and festivals happening. These often have exciting international acts headlining, too. While many locals head overseas or to the provinces for extended trips, enough are in town to celebrate. So if you aren’t here to spend Songkran in Bangkok avoiding the crowds, you have ample parties to choose from! Remember to pick the Songkran activity that suits you.

A tradition transformed

Did you know? It wasn’t all Songkran in Khaosan road water wars from the start! History lesson time: Rooted in Buddhist tradition, the celebrations used only light sprinkles of water. This was to symbolize purifying yourself and starting anew. It was and still is the one time a year where relatives assemble. A popular family activity is merit-making at the many temples throughout the nation. Perfumed jasmine water is poured over Buddha statues and over the hands and feet of the elderly to show respect. Over the years, this turned into the popular wet and wild water fights. You’ve never quite cooled off this way before!

Songkran in Bangkok

Songkran style

In recent years, it’s become popular to dress in traditional Thai outfits during festive periods. It’s no different during Songkran! But did you know that the best Songkran in Bangkok fashion is quite simple. You just need an outfit that combines practicality and style! A classic look: A colourful Hawaiian shirt, cut-off jeans and your best sunglasses. For the more serious reveler, try practical goggles to protect your eyes from water. Even better, be sure to have a waterproof camera or phone to document all those looks.

Songkran Survival Tips

  • Dress smart: Leave that fancy outfit at home and head out in things you won’t mind getting wet. If they dry fast, that’s even better! Otherwise, bringing a spare change of clothes never hurts.
  • Waterproof your life: Keep your valuables tucked away, or safe at home! The aim is to just pack the essentials needed for a good time. Our tip is to carry only your must-haves in a waterproof pouch. Not sure it’s enough? Get another layer, stat!
  • Planning is key: Plan your route if you aim is to hit as many parties as possible! Make the most of your precious potential Songkran in Bangkok party time. This is especially true when meeting up with a group of friends. Confirm meeting spots and stay connected… to not get lost in the crowd!
  • Double-check: Bangkok may be emptier than usual but don’t be fooled! During Songkran, venture out carelessly at risk of getting wet! Stay indoors, or travel by car if you don’t want to be a part of the water fights. Double-check your route and factor in traffic. Some roads are closed and transform into water-battlegrounds!
Songkran in Bangkok

Songkran at Khaosan: A Thailand bucket list

When it comes to the best Songkran party in Bangkok, you need experience Songkran at Khaosan road. The fun starts from April 13th. This is when Khaosan road and neighboring Rambuttri road become epic water fights. The streets are clear and everyone is primed for action. Come armed with your best water gun(s), and be sure to make use of the many water refill stations! Splash side by side with locals, or make new friends with the tourists from all over the world. It’s a free-for-all party vibe that is worth experiencing at least once.

Songkran at Streats

When the water fights get too tiring, come recharge in Streats Bar & Bistro. It’s the one destination where you can get the best food during Songkran. Part of the ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai, it’s right in the middle of Rambuttri road. Come ready for this unique party ambiance! At Streats, there will be an extra barricade separating guests from the action. This still keeps the al-fresco style that still allows you to observe the action out of the splash zone. Need a bit more space? The closed semi-outdoor area offers air-conditioning and comfortable lounge seating. In the evenings, there’s even live music performances to keep the party spirit alive.

Khaosan’s best food

But what’s on the menu at Streats? There’s a wide selection for hungry water warriors to choose from. Try classic Western comfort food like crunchy beef nachos or one of the 7 signature burgers. There’s also delectable Thai flavours like the spicy som tum or fancy lobster pad Thai. Add delicious drinks from the bar team and your Songkran in Bangkok will be a memorable one! Enjoy the convenience of the hotel’s own car parking building, with space for 150 cars. If the partying is too much fun, stay the night at the hotel’s comfortable, stylish rooms!

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