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Loy Krathong in Bangkok

Thailand’s many unique celebrations are part of why it’s a popular tourist destination. There is another memorable one during the end of the year: The festival of Loy Krathong in Bangkok. It often happens in November at the end of the rainy season. Why is there no fixed date? It’s because Loy Krathong always takes place on the full moon night of the Thai traditional calendar’s 12th lunar month.

Loy Krathong explained

To start with: the name Loy Krathong means to float a “krathong”. This is used as a term for a bowl or receptacle. Traditionally, these are created from the sliced stems of banana trees. They are then decorated with folded banana leaves as well as flowers, incense sticks and candles. People gather near rivers and canals to pay their respects to the Goddess of Water and release their krathongs. The act of floating away the krathong symbolizes releasing your anger and negative feelings. Some people even add small coins for good fortune. It’s also popular to float eco-friendly bread krathong that are available in cute or funny shapes. Whichever option you go for, remember to say no to Styrofoam krathongs for your Loy Krathong in Bangkok!

Authentic celebrations

Did you know: Loy Krathong is celebrated differently in the north! During “Yipeng”, people release floating paper lanterns instead. These fill the skies with flickering lights that disappear into the night sky.

When it comes to Loy Krathong in Bangkok, the must-go locations are obviously near the water. Many places become the setting for fun events and activities. From dance performances, beauty competitions and more, everything is to entertain the crowds. A popular, easy to reach location is at Asiatique, with the highlight being a grand fireworks show. Even more convenient for guests staying at ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai can head to the nearby Phra Athit pier.

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