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  • loy-krathong-in-bangkok

    Loy Krathong in Bangkok

    Thailand's many unique celebrations are part of why it's a popular tourist destination. There is another memorable one during the end of the year: The festival of Loy Krathong in Bangkok. It often...

  • un-ai-rak-2018

    Un Ai Rak 2018

    Get ready for another edition of the popular “Un Ai Rak Klai Khwam Nao Sainam Haeng Rattanakosin (Love and Warmth at Winter’s End: The River of Rattanakosin)”! It will run from December 9th...

  • songkran-in-khaosan-road

    Songkran in Khaosan Road

    If you haven’t heard of Songkran, you’re missing out on one of Thailand’s most notable holidays! Also known as the Thai new year, it is always celebrated from April 13th – 15th, during the...

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